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Why Trusted Data Solutions?

For more than two decades, Trusted Data (TDS) has led the market in legacy data management. As foremost experts in backup tape restoration, email migration, and voice retrieval, Trusted Data continues to be the preferred choice for eDiscovery companies, corporations, government agencies and legal firms that require a trusted partner for their data transformation initiatives.

Trusted Data's leadership is demonstrable in their commitment to expanding the needs of their growing customers and partners by regionalizing their services and operations. Headquartered in New York City and two additional international headquarters in United Kingdom and Singapore, Trusted Data maintains one of the most expansive global restoration assurance facility footprint in the market - with facilities in New York, New Jersey, California, England, Wales, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore - managing total of 1.5 million tapes, over 500 Petabytes of data, across 37 thousand projects.

The TDS experience is consultative, advisory, experienced and rooted in engineering. We work with complex data challenges and resolve them expertly and responsibly. Experience the difference with Trusted Data's top-tier services and global project management.