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Empower Data Transformation with Trust

For more than two decades, Trusted Data Solutions (TDS), the foremost expert in legacy data, tape, email and voice, has set the standard in compliantly transforming the management and accessibility of legacy data and electronically stored information alike.

As the preferred choice for corporations, regulated institutions, eDiscovery specialists, government agencies and law firms that require an expert, trusted partner for their compliant data transformation initiatives, TDS’s industry leadership is demonstrable in our commitment to advancing our services and operations to support the demands of our growing, global customers and partners.

With a North America Headquarters in New York City, and two international headquarters in the United Kingdom and Singapore, TDS maintains one of the most expansive global restoration assurance facilities footprint in the market – with facilities in New York, New Jersey, California, Canada, England, Wales, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore – with millions of customer tapes under management, equating to over 500 petabytes of data, across 37 thousand successfully delivered projects.

Our solutions enable global clients to:

  • Eliminate the burden of managing legacy data
  • Identify content and remediate assets
  • Respond efficiently to eDiscovery requests
  • Meet IT, Legal and Compliance requirements
  • Minimize risks and reduce associate costs
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